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Privacy Policy

The following privacy policy applies to our website. The policy addresses our general practices governing the methods in which we collect, hold and use your information when you purchase products from our website. Our privacy policy is easy to locate and is linked to any part of our website where personal data is requested. We want our clients to understand why various data is collected and the importance of providing us complete an accurate information.

Our entire staff is dedicated to protecting your privacy. Our entire staff strictly adhere to the following guidelines to insure your utmost privacy:

  • All our staff doctors have a strict policy concerning all of our staff in which they must adhere to strict standards for patient confidentiality.
  • We will not release any personally identifying information to anyone. All information provided is protected by all patient/physician privacy laws.
  • All of our orders are shipped in a plain, nondescript packages (with no indication of the contents) to insure patient privacy.
  • You will only be billed once for the medication ordered. Therefore, there are no hidden fees i.e. additional shipping fees, physician consultation fees and recurring charges.
  • We will not sell or otherwise share any of the information you submit i.e. e-mail addresses, phone numbers, physical addresses, etc. with any other parties that are not directly associated with processing your order. In addition, you will not receive any unsolicited correspondence from us.

Secure server information including your medical history, as well as, your credit card information will be secure-server-encrypted by the most sophisticated technologies available today.

Order online with complete privacy and security. We use your personal information only to process your order. Your personal information under no circumstances will be sold or distributed to any third parties. All orders are shipped in discreet packages (with absolut no hint of the contents). All information provided during the order process is routed behind a secure "firewall". The information is encrypted at your browser and sent via the Hyper Text Transport Protocol to ensure security.

In addition, we also protect your privacy when ordering online from our website in the following manner:

We offer the latest technology to ensure a secure ordering process. All information provided during the order process is routed behind a secure ?firewall?. The Information is encrypted at your browser and sent via the Hyper Text Transport Protocol to ensure security. Please note: when you place your order on the secure pages the website address changes from the normal http://www. protocol to the https://www signifying that all information provided on the page is protected by the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL).

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Additional information concerning our efforts to protect your privacy:

Communication With Us - We have features where users can submit information to us i.e. feedback forms, testimonials, emails, request for service, etc. We may retain this information sent to us for our internal administrative purposes, and to help us to serve customers better.

Spamming - we does not condone "spamming". Spamming is defined as sending unsolicited e-mails, usually of a commercial nature, in large numbers and repeatedly to individuals with whom the sender has had no previous contact or who have declined to receive such communications. We will not send any unsolicited emails to our clients.

We are very interested in your feedback, please feel free to contact us if you have any questions and/or concerns (click here).